Design ~ On the road with Chief Joseph Days – traveling to the Lewiston Roundup (2019)

Traveling through the Grand Ronde River Road, or better known as Rattle Snake Grade,
is always an incredible experience
regardless of how many times one has taken the journey. 
Not only does the highway navigate through a steep and unbelievable scenic landscape, but it also depicts parts of the ancient historical Nez Perce territory. 

The Nez Perce who call themselves Niimíipuu, meaning “The People”, were a nomadic tribe that traveled with the seasons from buffalo hunting in the Great Plains to salmon
fishing at Celilo Falls, covering 17 million acres in what is now Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Montana. 

Once you have experienced the grade you will never forget the epic landscape with its many extremely narrow switchbacks, precipitous drop-offs, and six to nine percent pitches, nor the ancient history that fills the air with the solitude of bygone times. Drive mindful and enjoy…

“FEEL THE THUNDER” Always the last full week in July

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