Design ~ 2019 Tamkaliks Program

From the program: The contemporary Powwow is a link to the past that helps maintain Native Heritage.  Seen by outsiders as entertainment due to the singing, dancing and colorful regalia, the Powwow is a spiritual legacy that should be treated with respect and honor. The dance arbor is blessed before the powwow begins and is considered to be sacred ground for the duration of the celebration.

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  • It is a time for Indian families to be together with other family members and friends.
  • It is a time of sharing, of laughter and tears, or learning, and caring.
  • It is a time when Indians reflect on their traditions.
  • It is a time to honor the past and celebrate the future.
  • Indian families travel hundreds of miles to attend Powwows across the continent.
  • Time and distance are not relevant.  The renewal of traditions and reinforcement of heritage is the important thing.
  • It is a time to strengthen the circle.